Ellicottville Festivals

Ellicottville Festivals


Ellicottville Festivals 2023

Ellicottville festivals are integral to the success of the town.  The festivals encourage visitors to the area.  This, in turn, helps Ellicottville real estate and Ellicottville tourism.

Canadian Friendship Week

January 2nd to January 6th 

How to make friends and influence people?  Give lift tickets for Holiday Valley and Holimont to our Canadian friends at par.  Ski more and save more!

Winter Blues Festival

January 20th to January 22nd

Ellicottville bars and restaurants will be jumping all weekend long.  What’s more, the beer and wine will be flowing and there will be lots of great food.

Winter Music Jam

February 24th to February 26th

Even more music this weekend.  Great local bands and, as always, a great selection of food and drink.

Mardi Gras Weekend & Winter Carnival

March 10th to March 12th

What a way to end the winter season!  Enjoy a wide range of activities!  In addition, there will be lots of entertainment and live music.  And, of course, lots to eat and drink!

Summer Music Festival

June 30th to July 2nd 

Because winter shouldn’t have all the fun, Ellicottville brings you the summer festival.  In fact, the Summer Music Festival might even be Ellicottville’s most famous.  It’s slopeside fun of another kind because of the stage at Holiday Valley.  And, of course, there will be food, drink and plenty of activities.

Jazz N’ Blues Weekend

July 28th – July 30th

From Rock and Roll to Jazz and Blues.  It might be a more chilled out and relaxing experience, but it’s still a great weekend.  Take a stroll around the village and pop in and out of the bars.


Taste of Ellicottville

August 12th – 13th 

You could say that every weekend gives a Taste of Ellicottville.  However, this summer festival brings people from far and wide to taste everything that Ellicottville has to offer.  You can experience everything from light bites to gourmet experiences so there really is something for everyone.

Rock N’ Roll Weekend

September 15th – September 17th

More rock n’roll!  It’s one of the local’s favorite events which means it’s going to be fun!  The golf courses are still open and the leaves are just starting to change so it’s a wonderful time of the year.  So, come down and enjoy some old fashioned rock and roll!

Lacrosse Festival

 September 23rd – 24th 

Most people think that hockey is Canada’s national sport, but it’s actually Lacrosse.  However, this tournament attracts teams mostly from the US.  The festival is actually organised by a former US national lacrosse player.  So, if you’re a die hard fan or just have a passing interest, come and check it out.

Fall Festival

October 7th to October 8th

This is Ellicottville’s oldest and biggest festival so it’s no surprise that it’s also many people’s favorite.  The colors will be out in full effect.  The adventurous can climb to the top, however the chairlifts will also be running to whisk you to the top.  There will be music, and as always, plenty of opportunity to eat and drink.

Christmas in Ellicottville

November 24th – November 26th

Christmas comes early and it feels like a Christmas movie!  We’ll be hoping for snow, but with or without snow, it is still a magical time.  The village comes alive with carolers and carriage rides.  It’s also the start of Christmas light season so it’s the perfect way to get you in the festive spirit.


Christmas Stroll

December 9th 

Christmas Stroll is so great that it probably doesn’t need explanation.  However, rest assured that your stroll will take in plenty of festive sights.  As well as santa, there is a full nativity scene including goats and camels!