Ellicottville Fishing

Fishing in Ellicottville.

Ellicottville skiing is so good that it is easy to overlook it’s other attractions.  However, the fishing in Ellicottville and surrounding areas is fantastic.  Indeed, Cattaragus County often ranks as one of the top destinations in North America.  Ellicottville fishing is a big part of that.

Types of Fish in Ellicottville and Surrounding Areas

There is a wide range of fish in and around Ellicottville.  You can find Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, and Steelhead.  You can fly fish or lake fish.  Everyone who fishes in public waters needs a permit, but these are easy to get.  You will need a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation license.  These can be purchased at town and village clerk offices. Additionally, different types of fish are subject to size and season restrictions.

Ellicottville Fishing Operations

There are a number of great Ellicottville fishing operations.

Ellicottville Fly Fishing – this operation runs trips throughout Western New York and also Pennsylvania.  As the name suggests, they specialize in fly fishing.

Adventure Bound on the Fly – Adventure Bound has been established since 1971.  They supply top of the range outdoor equipment.  They also have excellent coffee!  Check out their website for an excellent guide to local streams and local conditions.

Ellicottville Aquatics – Technically, this is more of a place to buy fish than catch them.  Ellicottville Aquatics supplies tropical fish. They do also sell bait and tackle though!

Places to Fish in Ellicottville

There are approximately 25 lakes near Ellicottville.  Among those lakes are Linlyco Lake, Lucky Lakes, Beaver Lake, Red House Lake, Skim Lake, Crystal Lake, Hiram Lake, Stephens Lake, Pickup Lake and Lake Willene.

There are also over 400 streams and rivers close to Ellicottville.  Among the favorites are McMurray Creek, Bryant Hill Creek, Devereaux Branch, Beaver Meadows Creek, Elk Creek, Plum Creek, Goodell Creek, Clare Creek, Haines Creek and Indian Creek.

Ellicottville Cottage Rentals

There are so many options for fishing in Ellicottville that you will need more than a day.  So, check out 42 Degrees North for cottage, chalet and cabin rentals in Ellicottville.  And, of course, if you want to stay even longer than that, 42 Degrees North offers the best in Ellicottville Real Estate.