Opening Day at Holiday Valley in 2020 will be December 10th

Ellicottville Skiing

Ellicottville Skiing

It’s official!  Ellicottville skiing is some of the best skiing in the East.  Ellicottville is blessed with not one, but two incredible ski hills.  Holiday Valley is open to the public 7 days a week.  It perennially ranks in the top 10 ski resorts in the East by Ski Magazine.  Holimont is North America’s largest private ski hill.  Between them, Holiday Valley and Holimont boast 115 runs on 425 acres of skiable terrain.  Over 400 acres of that is covered by snowmaking.  As a result, good conditions are nearly always guaranteed.

Lake Effect Snow

East coast powder?  It’s not an oxymoron and, thanks to Lake Erie, Ellicottville can get huge dumps of snow, especially during the early part of the winter.  A foot or two is not unusual and the annual snowfall is around 180 inches.  That is 60% higher than the average at Blue Mountain.

Holiday Valley

Holiday Valley has 60 runs spread over 1400 total acres and 290 skiable acres.  Lake effect brings the natural snow, but its snow making is world class.  In addition, it’s lift system is the best in the east.  So you get great skiing and short lines.

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Holimont is North America’s largest private ski hill.  On weekends it is members only, but it’s open to the public Monday to Thursday.  Moreover, although it is a private club, the initiation and annual fees are very reasonable compared to the private ski clubs in Collingwood.

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Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain

A lot of skiers head to Ellicottville every winter from Ontario.  So how does Ellicottville compare to Ontario’s biggest public ski hill – Blue Mountain in Collingwood.  We wrote a blog on the very subject, but here are the raw stats:

Holiday Valley Holimont Blue Mountain
Summit (feet) 2250 2260 1476
Vertical (feet) 750 700 722
Lifts 13 8 11
Runs 60 53 58
Longest Run 1 mile 1.5 miles 1 mile
Average Snow 180″ 180″ 110″