Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain, Collingwood

Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain.

Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain.  USA vs Canada.  Ellicottville real estate vs Collingwood real estate?  So which one is better?  For Americans, it should be a no brainer.  Ellicottville is closer, there is no border and it’s not as cold!  For Canadians, and particularly those in the GTA, the question is sometimes a bit more complex, but here are some numbers:

Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain Stats

Holiday Valley Holimont Blue Mountain
Summit (feet) 2250 2260 1476
Vertical (feet) 750 700 722
Lifts 13 8 11
Runs 60 53 58
Longest Run 1 mile 1.5 miles 1 mile
Average Snow 180″ 180″ 110″
2017/18 Snow 213″ 213″ 154″

Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain Height and Vertical Drop

As you can see, Ellicottville scores highly.  Ellicottville’s vertical drop is higher than Blue Mountain.  Holiday Valley has a higher vertical drop than Blue Mountain and, even when averaged out, Ellicottville’s vertical drop still comes out on top.  Holiday Valley’s vertical drop is 750 feet, Holimont’s vertical drop is 700 feet and Blue Mountain comes in about half way in between at 722 feet.  Ellicottville’s resorts also both have a higher summit.  Holiday Valley tops out at 2250 feet.  Holimont is just a bit higher at 2260 feet while Blue Mountain is just 1476 feet.  Incidentally, the summit at 42 Degrees North is a the highest point in Ellicottville and the surrounding area, a few feet above Holimont’s peak.  Our main street is called Summit Road for a reason!

Ellicottville Snow vs Blue Mountain Snow

When it comes to snowfall, Ellicottville also comes out on top.  According to onthesnow.com, Ellicottville’s annual average snowfall is 180 inches.  This compares to 110 inches at Blue Mountain. In 2018, Ellicottville had 213 inches of snow compared to 154 inches at Blue Mountain.

Ellicottville Ski Runs vs Blue Mountain

In terms of number of runs, Holiday Valley in Ellicottville just comes out on top with 60 runs compared to 58 at Blue Mountain.  Holiday Valley also has more lifts (13 compared to Blue Mountain’s 11) to ensure that lift lines are never an issue.

Easy access:  Ellicottville or Blue Mountain?

It really depends where you are coming from.  For anyone in Canada living in Oakville or to the south or west of Oakville, Ellicottville is closer.  In fact, for anyone living in West Toronto or Mississauga, it will usually be easier to get to Ellicottville than it is to get to Blue Mountain because of traffic.  Ellicottville is closer for anyone living in the US.

Better Revenues from Airbnb in Ellicottville or Blue Mountain?

Airbnb forecasts more revenue from Ellicottville vacation rentals than from Collingwood vacation rentals.

Ellicottville Real Estate vs Collingwood Real Estate

It’s hard to make a direct comparison between Ellicottville real estate and Collingwood real estate, but in many cases, Ellicottville real estate will be as much as 50% less expensive.

Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain – and the winner is?

In the end, it comes down to personal choice, but it probably won’t surprise anyone that for us, when it comes to Ellicottville vs Blue Mountain, Ellicottville is the winner!


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