National Temperature Chart

Holiday Valley and Holimont Snow Making Shows Its Value

Ellicottville Winter Review

In the words of Queen Elizabeth II, the winter of 2022-23 has been an “annus horibilis”.  There were a couple of record setting blizzards in Buffalo, but the rest of the winter was a bust.  As you can see in the chart below, temperatures were way above average across the country and especially in the East.  It was particularly bad in the North East.  What did we ever do to you Mother Nature?

National Temperature Chart

Winter 2022-23 Temperatures vs Average

Ellicottville actually hit 17 degrees celsius last Wednesday.  That was Wednesday FEBRUARY 15th!

17 degrees celsius in February!

The weather in Ellicottville on February 15th! This is May weather, not February!

How is the skiing?

You would think that the skiing is terrible.  However, that’s not the case!

Just look at these snow reports from today.  The reports from Holimont and Holiday Valley are below:

Today’s Snow Report:

Holiday Valley‘s snow report:

Holiday Valley Snow Report

Holiday Valley snow report from Tuesday February 21st 2023.

Holimont’s Snow Report:

Today's Holimont Snow Report

Holimont Snow Report from Tuesday February 21st


Below Average Snowfall.

Ellicottville’s average snowfall is around 180 inches, but so far this year, Holiday Valley has only received 91 inches of natutal snow.  Hopefully that means we are set for a spectacular end to the year!

It’s all about that base.

The weather has not co-operated this year, but both Holimont and Holiday Valley have done an incredible job.  Both resorts have bases between 14 to 56 inches.  That is to say, the base is over 60 percent of total snowfall.  In other words, go and thank a snowmaker!  And also, take that Mother Nature!  Finally, and most importantly, this year is as close as you can get to guaranteeing that there will be snow to ski whatever the weather!

About that snowmaking

Holiday Valley has over 95% snowmaking coverage.  Holimont is similar.  These numbers, more than anything else, give us confidence that we’ll never have an issue with skiing in Ellicottville.

Good News for Chalet Rentals in Ellicottville

It may not seem like it, but this is good news for Ellicottville chalet rentals.  This is likely to go down as one of the warmest winters on record.  However, Holiday Valley and Holimont have stayed open and offered great skiing.  According to AirDna, Ellicottville chalet rental revenues were almost the same this year as last.  This is pretty remarkable and a testament to the incredible snowmaking capabilities of both these Ellicottville ski resorts.

And, of course, the best is yet to come!  Ellicottville chalet rentals are coming to 42 Degrees North.  Stay tuned for more details!



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