Holiday Valley – Best in the East no.6

Holiday Valley is No.6 For Best in the East

Every year, Ski Magazine does its “best of” rankings for the season ahead.  Usually it’s a coronation for Mont Tremblant as number one in the east.  Of course, 2020 is not a normal year.  So, for its 2021 season ranking, there was a new king of the hill.  Smuggler’s Notch took the crown, but Holiday Valley also set a person best.  Congratulations, Holiday Valley Best in the East no.6.

Holiday Valley – The Best Kept Secret

It’s the age old dilemma.  We all want Ellicottville skiing to get the recognition it deserves, but if we’re honest, we don’t want everyone knowing about it!

Ski Magazine agrees!

“If Holiday Valley skiers are not careful, always crowing about how great they’ve got it out there in way-Western New York, their beloved slopes might soon be overrun with Vermonters and Coloradans come to see what the fuss is about.”

So, if you’re reading this, Vermonters and Coloradans, don’t believe Ski Magazine.  Vermonters, stick to Smuggler’s Notch.  Coloradans, you have the Aspen of the West so leave us the Aspen of the East!

Best Après Ski in the East

This is as much an award for Ellicottville as it is for Holiday Valley.  Ellicottville bars and restaurants are legendary.  But now it’s official.  Holiday Valley has the best Après Ski in the East.

Best Nightlife in the East

This one had us a little confused.  Not that Holiday Valley has the best nightlife in the East, but that there are separate categories for apres and nightlife!  What are people doing after skiing that doesn’t involve a bar or a restaurant?

Best Lifts in the East

So, basically, Holiday Valley looks after skiers on and off the slopes.  The only criticism you can ever level at Ellicottville skiing is the vertical.  However, the lift system is so good that lift lines are rare and the ride to the top is short.  If Ski Magazine ever introduces a “daily kilometers skied” award, expect to see Holiday Valley at the top.

No.4 Family Resort in the East

At this point, Ski Magazine probably just felt they had to let some other resorts have some first place finishes.  That being said, fourth is pretty good!  So, for those of you that need kids entertained more than they need dancing at 3am, Holiday Valley has you covered!

Top 5 For Nearly Everything Else

At this point, it’s almost hard to see how Holiday Valley only got 6th place!  In addition to being number one for Apres, Nightlife and Lift Infrastructure, Holiday Valley picked up a number of other awards.  No.2 for Dining.  No.3 for Lodging (and that’s before 42 Degrees North chalets hit the Ellicottville Real Estate market).  No.3 for Local Flavor.  No.4 for Charm.  No.5 for Down-Day Activities – maybe after overdoing it on nightlife and local flavor!


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