Holiday Valley Opening Day

Holiday Valley Opening Day will be November 29th 2019 (Update: Opening Day has moved forward to November 23rd 2019).  The Holiday Valley Opening Day announcement signals the start of the ski season.   Holiday Valley is an integral part of the Ellicottville ski scene.  Holiday Valley is the public ski hill in Ellicottville.  Holimont is the private ski hill.

Holiday Valley Opening Day 2019.

This year, opening day is scheduled for November 29th 2019.  Winter arrived early with heavy snow falls before mid-November.  Avid skiers hoped for opening day close to Thanksgiving.  November 29th is a pretty good opening day though.  Holiday Valley is preaching patience which is always hard at this time of year.  Especially with images like this:

Holiday Valley Opening Day scheduled for November 29th!

Piles of Snow at Holiday Valley on November 15th! #onedaycloser

2019 Winter Forecast

Winter is off to an early and snowy start.  For some people, this might be bad news.  For skiers and winter enthusiasts, this is great news!  Yesterday, the Weather Network released their winter forecast for Canada.  It is cold and snowy for Southern OntarioEllicottville skiers approve!  Cold weather in Southern Ontario typically means cold weather in Ellicottville.  It is also good news for the Ellicottville ski hills because snow on the ground in Toronto puts people in the mood for skiing.

Reserve Your Ellicottville Ski Chalet

Unfortunately, the luxury ski chalets at 42 Degrees North won’t be ready until the 2020/2021 ski season.  Accommodation in Ellicottville and, particularly, luxury ski chalets in Ellicottville books up fast.  Snow came early this season.   That means they will book up even faster.  We booked our chalet in October and, even then, supply was limited and prices were high.  If you are planning a trip to Ellicottville, and especially if you want to stay in a luxury ski chalet in Ellicottville, you should book now before all the good ones are gone!

Let’s get this winter started!  See you on the slopes and in the bars!

When will Holiday Valley Opening Day 2020 be? Check it out here.



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