Holimont, Ellicottville is one of the top 9 private ski resorts in the world

Ellicottville Skiing Among the Best in the World?

Holimont in Ellicottville is the world’s largest private ski club and one of the best in the world.  Ellicottville is sometimes called the Aspen of the East.  We have always felt this is a bit generous.  Sure, Ellicottville has some of the best skiing in the east, but Aspen is maybe a stretch.  Ellicottville, however, has something that Aspen does not.  Ellicottville is home to one of the world’s best private ski clubsSo says CNN.  Two of the world’s best ski clubs are in Colorado, but not Aspen.  Maybe Aspen should be the Ellicottville of the west!

The World’s Top 9 Private Ski Resorts

In no particular order, CNN lists the world’s top 9 private ski resorts in the world:

Yellowstone Club, Montana, USA

The initial joining fee is $400,000 and the annual membership is over $40,000.  That’s expensive right?  Well you are just getting started.  Before you are able to join, you must own real estate.  An entry level condo, will set you back around $3 million with larger properties going up to $25 million.  It’s safe to say that Ellicottville real estate is considerably more affordable!

Cimarron Mountain Club, Colorado, USA

This is probably the most exclusive ski resort on this list.  The resort will cover over 1000 acres, but incredibly, only 13 families will make up the membership.  There aren’t even any ski lifts!  All trails are accessed by snow cat!  The joining fee is over $2 million and the annual dues are over $60,000.  For that, you can build your own ski chalet.  In Ellicottville, you don’t need to pay $2 million to be allowed to build an Ellicottville ski chalet!

Eagle Point, Utah, USA

This one is a relative bargain!  For just $10,000, you and a group of friends can enjoy the whole mountain!  The only catch, that’s just for one day.  It would be a pretty great day of skiing though.  The resort averages over 350 inches of powder a year.  Pretty sweet!

Silverton Mountain, Colorado, USA

You thought Eagle Point was a bargain?  Silverton Mountain offers the whole day for only $9,990 – because you could be struggling with that last ten bucks!  What’s more, Silverton Mountain gets a whopping 400 inches of snow per year.  We are going to go out on a limb and guess that the real estate here is much more expensive than Ellicottville Real Estate.

Powder Mountain, Utah, USA

What could be more important than powder?  This place is literally called Powder Mountain!  Therefore, we assume that they have good snow!  Technically, this isn’t a private ski club because it is open to the public.  However, ski passes are limited to 1,500 per day.  You get the private club feel without the massive initiation fees.

Holimont, New York, USA

And the winner is….  There is a pretty good chance that we are biased here, but we think Holimont is the best.  It is certainly North America’s biggest private ski club and bigger is always better.  Just ask Texas.

Holimont is a family friendly private ski club.  Initiation fees start around $10,000.  Monthly dues for a family are around $200.  It is considerably less expensive than most of the other private ski clubs on this list.  Of course, Ellicottville Real Estate is the best of any of the private ski hills.  Again, we may be biased!


Ellicottville Real Estate is excellent value compared to the other private ski clubs on this list. Holimont is North America's biggest private ski club.

The Elk Creek at 42 Degrees North, Ellicottville. Just 5 minutes from Holimont.

Alpine Ski Club, Ontario, Canada

This is the only Canadian ski club on this list.  Of course, for many Canadians, Holimont in Ellicottville is actually closer, but that’s enough about us.  We covered the difference between Ellicottville and Collingwood in another blog post.  Apline Ski Club is also located in the Blue Mountains so most of the mountain stats for Blue Mountain are also relevant for Alpine.

Temple Basin, South Island, New Zealand

This private ski club is very different to the others on this list!  Firstly, it is in New Zealand which is far!  Secondly, it is not for the rich and famous!  It is only accessible on foot.  Once you reach the resort, three tow ropes serve the entire area.  It is also the one private ski club on this list whose real estate is probably less expensive than Ellicottville Real Estate.  The only accommodation is a nearby bunkhouse!


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