Revenue from Airbnb

Revenue from Airbnb

Revenue from Airbnb?  How much revenue can you expect to generate from Airbnb?  In a short space of time, Airbnb has come to dominate the market for short term rentals.  In particular short term vacation rentals have taken off and made it possible to own a vacation home as an investment.

Which locations are best for Airbnb revenue?

Who better to ask than Airbnb?  Airbnb has a tool that forecasts the revenues you could reasonably expect from your short term rental.  In this post, we look at a number of destinations, their potential revenues from short term rentals and how they stack up against our personal favourite – Ellicottville.

Airbnb in EllicottvillePotential revenues from vacation rentals.

Revenue from Airbnb.  When considering an Ellicottville Vacation Home as an Investment, this Airbnb rental predictor is a useful tool

Airbnb’s Rental Income forecast for Ellicottville Vacation Homes

According to this, if you do Airbnb in Ellicottville, you could earn $5,389 a month or over $60,000 per year. This is based on a short term rental or vacation rental that allows for 12 guests.  There is obviously a lot of choice in the Ellicottville Real Estate market and at 42 Degrees North.


Airbnb in Collingwood.  What short term rental revenue could you generate?

For people in the Greater Toronto Area, Ellicottville and Collingwood are mostly equidistant.  For those to the west of the city, Ellicottville is usually easier to get to.  There is a reason why nearly Canadians own approximately 30% of Ellicottville Real Estate.  For those to the north, Collingwood is probably easier.

Are Ellicottville Airbnb revenues better than Collingwood Airbnb rental revenues.

Revenue from Airbnb. Short term rental revenue forecasts from Airbnb for Collingwood.

As well as having higher potential revenues, Ellicottville real estate can be as much as 50% less expensive than Collingwood.

Airbnb in Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is a notorious party town.  A destination for Toronto spring breakers, you may find short term rentals here more trouble than it’s worth.  However, if you are happy to take the risk, what kind of revenues can you expect?

Wasaga Beach short term rentals.  Vacation rentals in Wasaga Beach.  How does it compare to Airbnb in Ellicottville.

Airbnb revenue forecast for Wasaga Beach. Short term and vacation rentals.


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